Boost Your Curb Appeal with Stone Veneer

curb appeal stone veneer

Thinking of adding an updated look to your home exterior for a little boost in curb appeal? Many homeowners are turning to stone veneer for a modern look for their homes. Fox Brother’s works closely with the stone veneer manufacturer, Quarry Ridge Stone, to provide customers with the material they love.

Manufactured stone is an excellent alternative to natural stone for two main reasons:

  1. It is lightweight. This means that it is easy to transport and easy to apply in comparison to natural stone. It also means you can use it in smaller areas because the weight of natural stone requires larger footings.
  2. It is less expensive. Because it is manufactured and not found and excavated from the environment, stone veneer costs less to acquire and distribute.

Both reasons give stone veneer the upper hand when compared to natural stone. The other huge benefit of choosing stone veneer is that virtually any look can be recreated with color and pattern. This helps in offering a variety of options at an affordable cost.

stone veneer

Stone Veneerstone veneer





Contact Fox Brothers Supply Company for more information on how stone veneer can transform the curb appeal of your home for less than you’d think.